How often do you add pieces to your website?

 Currently, I am not selling my work!

I am not Native. Can I wear/own your, or other Native makers, work?

Absolutely, please support and represent our work! Learn the artists' name and tribe(s) so that when somebody asks, you can spread the love! There are times the maker is selling work as regalia or specifically for Natives, so if you are unsure ask the artist!

How do I care for my beadwork?

I try to make pieces resilient to day-to-day usage. But being conscientious to avoid excess friction, pulling, and bending will go a long way!

  • I recommend window cleaning wipes to clean the beads
  • Use a lightly damp, warm cloth for leather
  • If your fringe earrings get creased, roll each strand between your fingers while gently pulling down down
  • It would be best if you store your earrings flat, but hanging is alright

What metal do you use for your earrings?

Each piece will list it's materials in the product description!

What about custom orders?

My shop is currently closed!

Where do you ship?

Currently only to the United States and Canada!

How are your cats?

Very well, and as cute as can be. Thank you for asking :)